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Broadcasting to the Nation on PMU

With over 100 installed units covering the four corners of England and Wales, Elisys Engineering in 2009 completed a project to broadcast Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) data to National Grid Control Centre at Wokingham.

The 50Hz cycle is measured directly from substation CT and VT circuits using Integrated Systems Monitoring (ISM) equipment before being transmitted on the industry standard protocol IEEE C37.118. At the receiver end a PMU analysis package is used by engineers to compare phase information from one part of the country to another. By doing so it is possible to monitor the stability of the complete transmission network, or more importantly identify any areas of instability.

As more and more connection points are coming online through renewable energy projects then so is the need to monitor the effect these have on the overall network performance. PMU has an important role in providing that information.

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