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Products and Services

InstrumentationFault Recording & Dynamic Systems MonitoringSpecialising in the supply, installation and commissioning of Power Station and Substation equipment for Fault Recording, Dynamic Systems Monitoring (DMS), Quality of Supply (QoS) and Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU).

High Voltage Bushing MonitoringDesign and supply of equipment into high voltage switchyards for the measurement of transformer bushing insulation. Both AC and DC solutions available.

Industrial IT SolutionsOur projects often include the sourcing and supply of industrial grade equipment for 24/7 computing and ruggedized communications.

Industrial WiFi access points, network switches, Handheld PCs and extending Ethernet to remote points of measurement have all been used to our Clients complete satisfaction.

Alarm AnnunciationLocal & Remote Alarm AnnunciationFor applications where local alarm annunciation is needed down at the plant level as well as in the control room. Whether it is the support of your existing equipment, management of obsolescence or the supply of new equipment we will work to your exact needs. Combining hardware and software for both small and site wide projects.

Driver & OPC DesignSoftware Driver Development Service

Elisys Engineering has not only written drivers for their own use  but also for other equipment manufacturers. If you have a particular requirement for interfacing then we have the experience and tools to make that a reality.

Project management

Both large and small projects undertaken from initial design requirements to final installation and commissioning.

SCADAPanorama P² and E² SCADAElisys Engineering was the first UK Certified Integrator using the French designed Panorama suite of products. We are now recognised as the leading Panorama supplier to many of the largest UK companies including National Grid, British Energy and a numerous Oil & Gas companies.

Good MIMIC placement, alarm management, analogue trending and reports are all used in the design of an HMI that will please control room operators.

Data acquisition, bespoke driver development and OPC interfaces allow the integration of information into other business systems such as OSI’s PI Historian.

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